41th Interamnia World Cup – 4/10 july 2013

A week telling a story dreamt about for a long time. A week representing 365 days of work, energy, hopes, concerns and great efforts. An intense week for the city of Teramo, surrounded by the warm-heartedness and the colours of thousands of young people. The words “Interamnia Cup” mean passion, emotions, sacrifices … the World. The World come to Teramo. It enrich and live up a city which wants to live an event full of surprises, of amazing stories from which to learn, and of images that live inside you forever.

What can happen? Many things …  Well, for example, the chairs in the Council House of the Town Hall in Teramo could be taken by celebrities of the sports world and of public bodies, coming from many Countries representing the five Continents; or even, walking along the main street, Corso San Giorgio, we could meet a nice monk from Tibet filming or taking photos of the city with his mobile phone; during the closing celebration, we could meet a boy from Uzbekistan conducting an improvised choir with some Mexican girls; the Mayor of Teramo dancing the “love dance” (a popular traditional dance in which 24 coloured ribbons attached to a pole are woven together while dancing) with various foreign guests during the grand gala; in the public places full of people during the evenings, Swedish and Danish girls could try to dance meringue and bachata with African boys; or even more, we could meet two clubs representing Countries far away from each other such as Taiwan and Denmark or Kosovo and Canada, and male and female athletes hugging one another, creating a great international atmosphere of brotherhood; the beautiful players from Mostar could start singing and dancing on the main street, according to the music echoing from the main square Piazza Martiri; the President of the Handball Association of Florence, Mr. Giovanni Sorrenti, even if he didn’t take part in the tournament with teams, could come to Teramo just the same, with a small bus for 16 people to give his precious contribution of transport. These things can happen and actually did during the 2012 Interamnia Cup, and will happens in 2013.

Because the Cup, as always, is a magic event, a great container full of unbelievable emotions, it is the World performance.

A week to remember. A week which always confirm that dreams often come true.

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